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"Welcome to my english page on creative approaches and statements" "Bienvenue à ma page anglaise des approches et démarches de création"

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"It is important for any artist to have the strength and freedom of spirit that guides his creativity in a personal, innovative and unique manner. Just as it is the duty of
all who are involved in the field of art, to recognize what is unique to each artist's creative approach and to encourage theses different characteristics."
Rusdi Genest

The various creative approaches and statements


"The 'Humanistic webs' is a way of imaging humans that in my creative approach are obtained by compiling fanciful, dramatic or grotesque human forms, fragments and figures; sort of accumulations of intertwined people that spring out or fall in from relief surfaces."
"As distorted tissues packed with bodies, the numerous attitudes and elusive postures of the humanoid elements which by freeform juxtapositions and unexpected compilations whence spaces are part of the form, fit together amongst textured surfaces or relief walls moulded or modeled in wax, clay or paper that sometimes perforated to create a more or less prominent topography are signs and representations of perpetual paradoxical permutations that from anodynes phenomenon to virulent confrontations pursue one another throughout the temporality and the historicity of societies."
"It is through this expressionistic form of birth and interrelatedness of human landscapes that Genest by his facility to render figuration, comes to coordinate it into an expression of human intensity and thus he acknowledges a certain pleasure to appropriate history and play with it by linking the ages in his formal structures."


"What I name 'textures of civilizations' is a kind of iconographic imagery proper to my own creative expression."
"This procedure to texture surfaces and wall reliefs is obtained by the stamping into clay of varied textures and numerous found objects or their mouldings and placed without preconceived plans and randomly juxtaposed to each other in an eclectic manner."
"These items are miniaturization of monuments, cars, planes, boats, trains, soldiers, animals, varied gears and wheels or any other object that can symbolically represent our civilization of today and its pursuit throughout history." "The landscape of numerous impressions creates a topography of images and icons that reproduces the appearance of a clutter illustrating a texture which for me is representative of our civilization."


"The 'polyometric eccentricity' precept that often guides my formal approach, is a geometric reformulation that consist in breaking away from its traditional rectangular boundaries so as to extract it from its foundations and make it go beyond its formal frameworks and by impairing its perimeters and axes and sometimes even its topography, to phase shift and realign its quadrangular static symmetric components in order to create a polyvalent geometry of versatile irregular and asymmetrical dimensions and measures whose the angles, edges and contours are misaligned in an eccentric manner."
"This new perspective brings about a odd geometry of varied multifaceted and multidimensional polygonal surfaces and polyhedral volumes, that is to say, it flips the traditional geometry into a versatile eccentric geometry or 'polyometry' in order to create an illusion that the dynamic proportions and perspectives vehicle a random kinetic eurhythmy."


"On occasion, in addition to my lost wax art bronzes and my art papers, driven by my passion for writing, I create low reliefs paper sheets by hand pressing watercolour art paper pulp in hollow forms, where as graffiti, amongst glyptic drawings, I scores fragments of my thoughts and then I assemble these incused rupestral paper sheets in sculptor's manuscripts or artist book-objects." RG
Rupestrial glyphs of ingraved polyptychtic epigraphs
These sculptors' manuscripts are hand pressed in a few rare numbered specimens to reach a bookworm collector clientele who recognizes in his polyptych "Views and Sayings"as a contemporary form of epigraphic art in the sense of a book genesis. Two sculptor's manuscripts were acquired by the National Library of Canada. His sculptor's manuscript or artist book-object"So goes the Cosmos, cosmological sequences and manuscripts" is his last work in this spirit.


Rusdi Genest assembles sculptures in a spontaneous manner of creating art which is similar to the automatist's way of proceeding. Thusly he constructs in a random manner as he goes along gesture by gesture, a fragment here, another there, following the structural overlaps that he notices as the composition reveals itself to him. Often passing from one sculpture in progress to another while he lets his creative intuitions lead the formal acuity of each one's framework in relation with his oncoming visions.

Exception made for vague sketches drawn from the sketchbooks where he scribbles his inspirations and visions, Genest begins without a prior work plan, usually starting either from a human or animal form spontaneously modeled in wax or clay; from some fragment or another that catches his interest amongst the jumble of his modeled waxes huddled together within his cabarets; from one of the imprints of found objects that appear in the middle of cluttered piles staked in his storage drawers.

Genest does not foresee what appearance a work will have once completed. He acknowledges being sometimes as much surprised by the random juxtapositions or the unexpected compilations as by the numerous postures and elusive attitudes which come about together in the building of his sculptures. Once a sculpture is finished, by a schematic creativity relationship, its title comes to him or even sometimes assails him to explain itself, recounting a statement, an interpretation which combines a metaphoric significance between the work and its title.

Genest tells us that although the initial sculptural set up composition takes place relatively quickly, it is the wax welding and sizing process that links all the fragments, sections, imprints and textures the ones to the others to ensure the solidity of the total assemblages that is a very tedious task, particularly complex, delicate and slow as to take hours which is necessary to palliate to the precariousness's of lost wax casting his sculptures in bronze.

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