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"Welcome to my page, english informations on the artist" "Bienvenue à ma page, informations en anglais sur l'artiste"

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Various informations about the artist


« So goest the Cosmos...Our universes in upheavals »
« Whilst becoming aware of my art, it must be seen as symbolic poems, exotic concertos and enigmatic symphonies or ludicrous plays. Witnessing our imponderable humanity, its eccentric or humorous moments, I create by an instinctive automatism, juxtaposing random sketches, fragments and textured imprints which I combine in numerous intriguing attitudes and complex postures where space itself becomes form.
Each artwork, bronze or cast paper is unique and it is only when a work is finished that its understanding reveals to me a title »


Rusdi Genest is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, he has a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Quebec at Montreal, he perfected his art in Paris at the National Superior School of Fine Arts, Applied Arts and Crafts Art and was accepted member of the Union National of Professional Sculptors of France. Genest also specialised at the University of California at Long Beach and Los Angeles Art Bronze Foundry, Genest has realizes monuments of integration to architecture and has received grants from the Ministry of Culture of Quebec and received prestigious awards including the Governor of the Province of Ravenna and the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Italy .
He taught at California State College at Sonoma, and then at Cambridge and Boston Adult Education Schools, the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi and the School of Fine Arts Saidye Bronfman of Montreal. His professional affiliations are the Coalition of Artists in Visual Arts, the Conseil de la Sculpture du Quebec, the International Federation of medalists, the American Association Medallic Sculpture, Medallic Art Society Canada and the Sculptors Society of Canada.
Aside from Canada, his works have been exhibited in Germany, England, United States, Japan, Finland, France, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland. His works can be found in public collections namely at the Museo Dantesco of Ravenna in Italy, the British Museum in London, Berlin State Museum, the Museum of Wroclaw in Poland, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, AMSA in New York, the Canadian Embassy’s Cultural Centre in Paris, Quebec's General Delegate Residence in Paris, the National Archives and the National Library of Canada.


Rusdi Genest specializes in creating original sculptures cast in bronze by the lost wax process, achieves murals and integration to architecture monuments. By modeling in wax or clay, Rusdi creates sketches, models, maquettes and art foundry prototypes. He also works in stoneware ceramics, terra cotta. Genest factures in hand pressed fine art paper pulp rupestrial wall reliefs and murals. He realises sculptured hand pressed out of frame floating free form tableaux and carved manuscript artist's books.
By contract Rusdi conceives medallic sculptures and wearable sketches. He has been commissioned to design excellence awards, prestigious enterprize gifts, commemorative or celebration pizes, contemporary medals and custom made jewelry in one of a kind unique, multiple original exemplars and numbered limited replicas editions.


In sculpture, to be reckognized "original work of art" and benefit of the privileges attached to this status by both the fiscal tax laws in force in most countries and by the global duty free codes #97.03, all sculpture must be realize in accordance with the agreements that are to be cast as 'one of a kind' or be part of a MULTIPLE ORIGINAL limited to a maximum of twelve exemplars, 1 to 8 + 4 artist proofs and thusly duly stamped. These agreements are similarly recognized by the international art markets in terms of assigned monetary values which are the bases for art collectors of art works.
Thereupon, it is very important to understand and remember that the thirteenth exemplary and all other subsequent replicas are considered reproductions or copies of the originals and exemption made for museum editions stamped with copyright authorised licenses are but commercial copies of unlimited quantities do not benefit from any privileges other than sold at low prices in boutiques and shops.

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